Data Science Higher Studies in Germany

Data Science Higher Studies in Germany : Today many of you are new to the term data science. Data science is a new field to study in. A data scientist has to play a main role in helping the different businesses to scale up their business.

Are you planning to study data science in Germany?


In this article, We will also discuss the reasons why you should do higher study in data science in Germany.

German universities provide free of cost tuition to lucrative career opportunities, Germany is considered as the best country for being a top country for your study abroad venture.

The world we are living in today is an information age. Each and Every day, data and information are continuously created, shared, and consumed digitally on a large scale among individuals and organisations. Therefore, today there is a high need for professionals who can manage tonnes of data in terms of storage, transfer and communication. Which has increased in the past few years. Such professionals with high-level and critical thinking skills and technical knowledge are called Data Scientists.

As the demand in the market for Data Scientists is increasing day by day, the number of students showing  interest towards pursuing Data Science higher studies in Germany to become successful Data Science professionals. Most Commonly, students tend to choose the program of Masters degree in Data Science in many other countries across the globe.

For pursuing such a specialised course like Data Science higher studies in Germany is a one-time investment of money and time, mostly students prefer pursuing it from the best colleges in the world. Germany is also among the top countries that offer a number of courses in Data Science higher studies in Germany.

If you are interested in Data Science in higher study in Germany then you can find details like eligibility criteria, admission process of the university, popular universities and other details related to getting data science higher study in Data Science Programmes in Germany in this article.

Highlights of Data Science higher study in Germany

Following are the major highlights of Data Science courses offered at Germany Universities:

  • Name of Course: Masters in Data Science
  • Duration: 2 year
  • Eligibility: Bachelor’s Degree. Minimum 65%
  • Test Score: IELTS: 6.0 and above or TOEFL iBT: 96 or above
  • Intakes: Winter and Summer Intake
  • Mode of Instruction: English
  • Application Process: University Application Portal
  • Fees: No Tuition fee at Public Universities

Why should you do your higher study in Data Science in Germany?

Germany has been known for its higher education system and the various universities and institutions that also have been known for their efforts in becoming one of the top universities in the world. In case you are wanting to seek a Masters in Data Science course from Germany, then, at that point, Germany would be probably the most ideal decision for yourself and here are a portion of the justifications for why.

Information Science is essential for the area of Science and Technology and Germany is perceived as one of the main nations on the planet for advancement, innovation and examination.

The colleges in Germany offering Masters in Data Science are the absolute best-positioned foundations on the planet, particularly the examination based organizations.

The level of examination in Germany is very high. A new overview shows that 60% of global students who study in Germany wish to remain there after completing their graduation.

The state funded colleges of Germany offer courses with next to no educational expenses, in any event, for global understudies.

The vocation openings for an understudy having an innovation driven degree are various in Germany, which is home to a portion of the tech and auto monsters on the planet.

The way of life of an individual and occupation fulfillment level in Germany is additionally ideal.

According to the new information, the quantity of Indian understudies getting accepted to German colleges has nearly multiplied over the most recent five years in light of value instruction and the sort of help received from the country.

These are only a couple of the reasons why Germany could be the best choice for your Masters degree in Data Science. All things considered, Germany is a scholastically outstanding and nearly cheap nation to look over for your concentrate abroad higher studies.

Top 5 colleges of data science higher study in Germany

Graduating from a well reputed university is like booking a seat for a job in advance. Therefore, for you we’ve researched and listed the top 5 best colleges of Germany providing master’s degrees in Data Science.

  1. College of Hildesheim

College of Hildesheim expects to contemplate in chosen logical regions in an individual climate and worth both a decent logical review and a solid pragmatic pertinence. The University of Hildesheim connects specific significance to individual consideration.

Program List : Expert’s Program in Data Analytics (English) Course Details : Program Duration – 4 Semester

Confirmation semester – Summer and Winter Summer: 19 September – 15 December

Winter: 01 April – 30 June

  1. Hochschule Darmstadt University 

The University Hochschule Darmstadt University of Applied Sciences is one of the biggest and most recognized colleges of applied sciences in Germany. Its incredible standing is the aftereffect of a logically grounded, true way to deal with advanced education and the expert accomplishment of its alumni.

  1. Leuphana University of Lüneburg

Leuphana University of Lüneburg means to exploit degree programs that are recognized by broad exchange among the disciplines, exceptional mastery, ideal direction and a viable direction. Projects that proposition heaps of space for your own interest and drive.

  1. TU Dortmund

TU Dortmund expects to offer its understudies great review conditions in an assortment of scholastic establishments and examination foundations. With them creative organizations from future businesses are interlinked. Therefore, mechanical development, methodological and logical advancement are for all intents and purposes modified at the TU Dortmund.

  1. Advanced Master School

Advanced Master School intends to give phenomenal hypothetical instruction just as the chance to work with European top exploration offices and driving colleagues. This mix shows you the imaginative abilities set you up to assume a critical part in the fate of your field and drive advancements to the worldwide market. Various extracurricular exercises and systems administration openings with individual understudies at different colleges make this training a novel European encounter.


Today many organizations and businesses are in need of skilled professionals in data science for extracting out the important data from the raw data. Important data can be the customer behaviour and many more different things which are used by the data scientist to represent them in the form of charts and visualisations. Extraction of data by the data scientist helps businesses and organisations to scale their business by studying human behaviour. As many businesses are coming in the online market. Therefore these businesses highly need data scientists. The demand for data scientists in the market is very high then the salary for that is also high. You must do data science higher study in Germany as public universities don’t charge any course fee and the courses are free of cost.